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Hello, I am Jody Waldvogel, the owner of J’s Archery Pro Shop in Antigo Wisconsin. I have been an avid hunter for 30+ years now, with a deep passion for hunting with archery equipment. There is nothing like heading to the woods in pursuit of big game with archery equipment, which has led me to the purchase of J’s Archery. I am committed to bring you the highest quality shopping experience for your archery and hunting needs.

Brian Waldvogel will be running the store for me. He too has a deep passion for hunting and archery equipment. He has always been interested in archery equipment and the mechanics of the equipment. He has worked on all his own bows for several years now and worked in the archery shop part time for over a year before taking on the full time responsibilities of managing the store.

We are committed to giving you a full service shopping experience. We take the time to educate people on products and information needed to help you with your archery experience. We will remain open minded and refuse to stop learning as we go forward in this ever changing industry. We will continue to educate ourselves by attending various seminars and through readings, and tutorials to help better educate our customers.

Mathews Phase4 Bow


The all-new 2023 Phase4 is our most efficient hunting system to date. This year we challenged ourselves to innovate at the leading edge of what physics will allow in a hunting bow. By damping vibration directly in the limbs, we are able to drastically reduce downstream wasted energy felt in the hand during and after the shot. Combined with our new Bridge-Lockā„¢ Stabilizers that offer improved balance points, increased harmonic tunability and a more robust connection to your bow, the Phase4 is the most advanced and adaptable hunting system we've ever designed.

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